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Coaching Intensive One-on-One Masterclasses

Do you sometimes wonder, "How the heck did I get here and who is that reflection that I see in the mirror? Or, who have I become and what do I stand for?" Have you ever felt trapped by anxiety, fear, anger or stress? Perhaps, you feel as you have lost your confidence and the power to stand up for yourself, resulting in lack and indecisiveness and feeling the need to please everyone else even if it goes against what you want and desire.


Well...Let's hold the phone, take a deep breath and bring yourself back to the present moment to the beautiful soul that you are. Let's Untangle the Fire Within & become an Ascending Sassy PHOENIX! That is what I had to learn to do about 4 1/2 years ago. I was experiencing all of the above scenarios and man was it exhausting to say the least! I decided that I am going to change and empower myself and live my life for me while helping others to rise above as well. So what did I do to become The Sassy PHOENIX that I am today?  I engrossed myself with New Age modalities of energy healing, such as, reiki, crystal healing, pendulums, aromatherapy, oracle cards, meditation and learning as much as I could about vibrational energy, angels, spirit guides and so much more. I could go on and on! Like I said all of these fantastic things can be summed up into the category of energy healing. Energy Healing offers solutions to all these problems and one by one you can start to untangle from all that no longer serves you and rise from the fire within! So if you are 100% ready to live a life of joy, abundance, self-love and your hearts desires, then join me on this amazing 30-120 day journey of discovering your truth and regaining your power.  

Experienced reiki master and certified crystal healer, Jaci, uses energy healing and all of its fabulous modalities to help her clients learn how to listen to their bodies and what it is trying to tell them. This will in turn create a dramatic shifts in their well-being and empower themselves through utilizing the power of their energy field and to be The Sassy PHOENIX that they are.

Untangle the Fire Within Masterclass

  • 3 coaching videos

  • 1 distant healing session

  • 1 analysis report of distant healing session

  • 1 one-on-one interactive workshop with Jaci 

  • 1 three-month oracle card reading 

$333 (Value $550)

The Ascending Sassy PHOENIX Masterclass

  • 9 coaching videos 

  • Advanced Chakra Mojo Bag, pendulum, Mystic Mist...

  • 4 distant healing sessions

  • 4 analysis reports of distant healing sessions 

  • 3 one-on-one interactive workshops with Jaci

  • 1 six-month oracle card reading

$1515 (Value $2050)