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Welcome to Untangle the Fire Within!


I’m so excited to be working with you as you take this next big step in your life! It is all about empowerment and to have the confidence to stand up for yourself and your desires. How exciting is that?!?!

This course is designed to take about 4 weeks to complete.  You will be receiving 3 video courses in 10 day intervals for this month long program. The first video will be delivered to you in your email in the next 24 hours. I encourage you to take your time and take notes and work through the exercises given in the videos.

Please reflect on and review the material as you progress through it. This time block includes watching the course videos and doing the exercises. This means that every day; try to be extra observant of your thoughts and actions and how they have shaped you into who you are today.

While doing this, remember to be kind to yourself. Also, take some time to do something nice for yourself. You deserve it! This could be meditating, buying a beautiful new crystal or eating ice cream. Do whatever your heart desires as you are working through this course.


In week one, we’re going to talk about core beliefs and patterns and why we are the way we are. We need to start off with this topic so we can let go of what is no longer serving us, to make room for what we desire and new healthy patterns to take place.

Enjoy your Week 1 lessons!


Stay Sassy!


Thank You For Your Purchase!