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Refund Policy & Disclaimer

Thank you for purchasing this service. Due to the nature of this type of service, no refunds will be given.


By purchasing this service/product, you agree to the terms and conditions laid out below.... 

Jaci Brown is not a professional or licensed health care practitioner and makes no claims in this regard. Although many whom Jaci treats receive miraculous reversals to their diminished health conditions as well as healing and clearing for problems and issues going on in their lives, we do not guarantee any results or outcomes. 

If you are under the care of a physician or are taking medication you should consult your physicians before changing or discontinuing any medication or current medical treatment. Adjustments of prescribed medications should only be done under the direct supervision of a qualified licensed physician. Implementing new items or supplements may alter your medication needs. Any suggestions made during your session with Jaci should be considered opinion only, not a directive. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

You understand Jaci Brown is only acting in the capacity of a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master, certified crystal healer, energy medicine practitioner, or spiritual healer and/or adviser. No medical training, nor affiliation with any medical practice, is inferred or implied. Jaci is not a doctor, does not diagnose, cure or treat.

The information you receive is offered only within the realm of a spiritual adviser/energy medicine practitioner. You should consult a qualified physician regarding any medical condition for advice pertaining to your health. Your outcome of any service Jaci offers is Divine Intelligence's hands.

By purchasing this service you are assuring your acknowledgment of, and agreeing to, all that is written here, and that you completely understand without question each point made. Funds provided are for Jaci's time spent with you or for you performing a distance healing/crystal healing/clearing/channeling/reading service/Reiki placement (all done remotely.)

There are no refunds. Your payment through the payment portal assures you have read, understand and agree with this disclaimer and terms. By continuing with your purchase, you assure us you have read and agree to the information, understand how your service is performed, and agree to be open and receive the energy of the service.