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Oracle Card Readings

An oracle card reading can help guide you if you have a certain question or need guidance in a specific area in your life. When working with these cards, Jaci calls upon the angels and your spirit team to help guide her through the reading, and only allowing unconditional love and the highest good for all involved. 


The angels and our spirit team is always here for us when we need them and they love when we call out to them and ask for their guidance. 

The angels have great respect for our free will and there are some certain events and lessons that are meant to play out in a certain way, in order to help you learn and grow. If this is the case then it is spiritual law that they cannot interfere. However, they are always able to help you with your journey and how get the most out of any opportunity for growth which is presented to you.

Benefits of an Oracle Card Reading

work closely with your angels & spirit team, clarity to questions while also receiving insight & wisdom, helps to illuminate your life path, gentle & loving way to receive guidance

energy healing