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Pendulum Energy Clearing 

When we are operating below our ideal frequency, we may experience imbalances or discord in our life. You might already know what you would like to work on, but what about the hidden issues?


Jaci can help you identify those priority areas in your life and will help you shift energy in your life where needed. These sessions use pendulum dowsing to shift energy and can be conducted both in-person and at a distance. 


The mind and emotions stop running and fighting and eventually completely calming down; therefore allowing you to experience deep relaxation. All together is resulting in full distance to everyday matters and quick and easy answers and solutions for daily challenges.

Benefits of Pendulum Energy Clearing

Cleansing of all energy bodies,Promotes natural health & well-being process, encourages mental clarity, relieves depression & anxiety, improves sleep, helps with addictions, creates inner-peace, strengthens self-esteem & heightens self-awareness